About Rhoan Troy Assroupe

Rhoan’s Biography

Born to the parents of Carcell Assroupe and Imogene James-Assroupe, Rhoan Troy Assroupe was born on April 30, 1988 at St. Mary’s Medical Center, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Rhoan attended Westward Elementary School, where he was an active member of the school’s media department. Rhoan’s responsibilities consisted of broadcasting daily news coverage to faculty and students. Outside of school, Rhoan developed a passion for baseball. He was so fond of major league baseball player Chipper Jones, that Rhoan’s friends gave him the nickname “Chip”. Rhoan quickly picked up on the game of baseball, and became a prominent player for many years, both in little league and youth travel.

Rhoan later attended Roosevelt Middle Magnet School where he explored a passion for medicine. Being a member of the school’s Pre-Med Magnet program, Rhoan volunteered his time at several local hospitals. While at the hospitals, Rhoan not only provided mediation between staff and medical members, but he also provided technical support for various medical devices and IT technology.

While in middle school, Rhoan also discovered an interest for airplanes. At the young age of eleven, Rhoan attended flight aviation school where he learned to fly airplanes.

As a student of Inlet Grove Community High School, Rhoan’s interest in the medical field was further studied, along with increasing his knowledge in the field of technology and media. He later went on to study at Park Vista High School, where he received his high school diploma.

Shortly following graduation, Rhoan established his very first company known by many as eDEV, Inc. As the lead software engineer, Rhoan developed and implemented TrackER™, one of the first Emergency Room based paperless patient tracking systems ever developed. This software created a timely flow and tracking of patient data, from triage to discharge.

Both self-driven and self-taught, Rhoan’s professional endeavors encompassed a unique analytical skill set that was applicable to a diverse range of technologies, system architectures, and information management systems. His primary expertise was in business analysis, systems architecture, security and project management, SharePoint, and .NET development. Rhoan could be found working as a software engineer for illustrious establishments such as the University of Miami, Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners, and Palm Beach County School District, just to name a few.

This software engineer by day also became a popular musical talent and disc jockey by night. Rhoan’s enthusiasm for music spread infectiously among those around him, and drew people in with his radiantly beaming positive energy that everyone was affected by.

Rhoan’s excitement for music was evident in all that he did, with his most recent mix being described in terms of his own personal growth. Shortly before his passing, Rhoan created an album titled, “Reunion”, one of the most paramount studio mixes delivered throughout his entire career in production. Rhoan’s album was a direct reflection of the experiences and revelations that came into his life.  If he wasn’t working or creating music, Rhoan would spend time volunteering his time and talents to children at The Museum of Science and Discovery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Rhoan is survived by his parents, Carcell and Imogene Assroupe; sisters, Natalee Gibson, Sasha Gibson, and Stephanie Jackson-Young; nieces Clara Ramos, Jadyn Coleman, and Jaleah Hair; nephews Jordan Coleman, Malachai Ramos, Jayse Young, and Jaylon Young; along with many other relatives and a host of beloved friends and colleagues.

Although life was cut short at the early age of 26, Rhoan’s multitude of talents, cheerful smiles, and continuously optimistic mindset will forever live on in the memories of those who knew and cherished him.

Rhoan Troy Assroupe – “Gone But Not Forgotten”